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Why Massage and Manipulation
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"A Spinal Therapist will apply appropriate manipulation adjustments. These adjustments help to relieve pressure  on the nerves, free-up muscle tension/spasm and enable re-alignment of the spine thereby reducing pain. This allows the body to function normally, to its optimum, so it is free to heal itself." (Mctimoney-Corley website) "Massage and stretching can help improve your animal's quality of life in all stages: from monitoring the developing youngster, assessing the animal during training/competition work and assisting in maintaining mobility and comfort in later life." To enhance performance, health and well being Relieves and eases tense muscles, reduces aches, pains and injuries Improves flexibility, range of movement, gait, funtionality, stride length and suppleness Promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat Increases blood and lymphatic flow thus reducing toxins Improves the soundness of the horse Problems caused by man Confinement - Done for protection, security and medical reasons can cause misalignment without regular exercise Poor fitting tack contribute to stress factors Overfeeding or underfeeding Mounting Improper shoeing Transportation Competing - Inappropriate training Pulling the rein on one side Excessive force while leading Imbalances within the rider ( back problems ? ) When to use Massage and Manipulation Done as part of a regular maintenance programme it is an excellent means of detecting problems early on. General stiffness Reluctance to move forward freely Cold backed Sudden behavioural changes Showing signs of pain or discomfort fidgety when tacking up Bucking Head shaking Holding tail to one sid Uneven stride Reluctance to canter on correct lead Pre and post event Following injury Muscle atrophy - uneven muscle development Dislikes being groomed Difficulty in engaging hindquarters Toe dragging High head carraige These are just a few examples of why massage and manipulation would be of benefit to the equine.