Dip. MCAM (OCEPT) Dip. MCST (WCST) Dip. ESM (ICAT) (Distinction)  Certified Member AMCST
TEL:     01730 828301 Mobile: 07971 194372
E-Mail: info@clarecornett.com
Clare was recommended to me and has treated my horse Alpha on various occasions.  I have found her to be a highly skilled professional therapist.  She combines perception in diagnosis and thoroughness in the treatments she administers with a refreshing common sense approach.  Her charges are also reasonable.  I know she is highly respected by both her clients and fellow professionals. Lance Edynbry
I have used Clare on several occasions either for routine maintenance on my competition horse or for a specific problem. Clare is always easy to get in touch with and extremely flexable when arranging an appointment. Vinny always benefits from a treatment from Clare, he always feels straighter and softer!! Also nothing is too much trouble for Clare and I have watched her on several occasions taking her time when carrying out  ridden and ground based assessments, Clares treatments are very thorough, she will spend as much time with the horse as needed. I also like the fact that Clare is a rider and competitor  herself and therefore understands when we are describing something to her. I feel that this is much more than a job to Clare and that she genuinly cares and is always keen to hear from me with updates and any little successes I get. I feel Clare is an important part of the group of people that look after my horses!! Elsbeth Jeffery BHSAI List 3 BD Rider
Clare Cornett has treated both my dogs on several occasions. I train the dogs for Agility  competitions, and from time to time they have developed problems and gone lame,  or seem unwilling to jump. One or two treatments from Clare are usually all it takes to set them right. She handles the Jack Russell with confidence and always seems to avoid his teeth! Emma Crofton
I have been using Clare for the last 5 years she is friendly and reliable, she has helped in the development of my horse who I bought as a poor conditioned x race horse,  he is now well muscled and is regularly placed in affiliated dressage. Clare gives him a regular massage and gives me tips & exercises to keep him supple. Eleri Hannan
"I would like to thank Clare for sorting out my troublesome back,very effective and so  gentle (and very patient !)  -highly recommended!" Natalie Sutton a trainer at Movers and Shapers Winchester
TREY AND ELLIOTT   Claire has looked after both of my horses for over 5 years, 24 year old retired Elliott, and 18hh Trey.  Elliott has been retired since the age of 17 with foot and sight  problems, and Claire keeps him soft, supple and playing - he is always happy to see her and have his 'special fuss'.   Trey has had ongoing treatment for the past 3 years due to injuries caused by his size, a jumping incident and a random fall in the field.  Claire has been instrumental in maintaining his soundness and assisted his recovery following surgery to his elbow joints.  He is currently back in work 2 months before predicted, working in a much better frame than before and can wiggle through the back like a worm!  I will continue to use Claire for ongoing maintenance for both of my boys. Tori Silver
THEO Theo is an immature six year old wb x gelding.  I called Claire after he reared and fell on tarmac earlier this year and was unsound.  We have so far had two visits to help loosen  tightness in the hips and back, and are working on increasing top line and muscle strength before competing this Autumn. Maria Kerly  
RAINE AND LARA Claire initially visited me to help with my hannoverian mare Lara, whom i lost to Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desimitis.  Laras rear pasterns gradually became horizontal with the floor, and as a long backed mare, this caused a lot of pain and discomfort  in her back.  Claire visited us regularly in the last few years before diagnosis on recommendation of our farrier, and helped keep her comfortable until answers were found.  Unfortunately, Laras condition was irreversible, but I strongly believe Claire helped with the pain and stiffness associated with her condition. My current mare Raine is visited regularly by Claire to maintain suppleness and iron out any tweaks and stiffness that occurs.
Helen Rowthorn